From the archives: Creating the Louis Vuitton of coffee

14 October, 2019 Share socially

In just 12 years, Nespresso has become one of the most successful global food and beverage brands in the world. As the global brand guardian since the beginning, we inform every aspect of the Nespresso brand experience from product innovation to its AAA sustainability programme.

All communications are based on the brand positioning “My ultimate coffee experiences”. Nespresso challenged us to create a new market in coffee consumption, leveraging proprietary internal technologies at Nestlé and become the icon for the best coffee in the world.

The revolution was not to sell a premium coffee but to make luxury the coherent key entry point for the Nespresso brand around the world. FutureBrand foresight identified shifting trends in food and coffee consumption towards gastronomy and quality, and the rise of desire for every day luxury experiences. To established Nespresso’ s uniqueness and superiority, we developed on a global brand universe to showcase luxury codes from product and packaging design to retail experience and loyalty. Every single detail reflects an iconic experience: perfection, pleasure, simplicity and aesthetics. Visual identity to express luxury codes (colors, typefaces, signs ) and the uniqueness of the Nespresso symbol. To leverage the visual identity, we created an elegant and unique graphic style. The variety of colours indicates a variety of coffee experiences.

The Nespresso Club was central to this strategy , building on the insight that consumers want to be part of luxury brands, not just use them. Responding to consumer needs, the boutique concept promotes the right balance between the art of coffee experiences and retail. Responding to three basic principles of service, time management, and personalization, the boutique concept has become a real service platform. Customers can “live” their Nespresso shopping experience in any manner they wish. Thus, the interior of boutiques is organized into various experiential zones . To bring the concept to life, we also created new coffee packagings, machines, and accessories, as well as new iconography.

We are proud to have been working with Nespresso for over 10 years. With an average of 30% growth since 2000, Nespresso continues to be the fastest growing global brand in the Nestlé Group. Its contribution to net profit is three times that of the other brands within the Nestlé portfolio.

The success of the brand was highlighted by Richard Girardot, CEO of Nestlé Nespresso SA;

“In the context of the economic downturn, the hallmarks of the Nespresso brand, highest quality and continuous innovation, have proved again to be our growth engine”