From the archives: World class branding for a global festival

01 October, 2019 Share socially

The creation of the identity for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games was a supremely exciting endeavour that had several high level goals: to present Sydney as the ideal host for the 2000 Olympic Games; to create a global brand that merges the spirit of Sydney/Australia with that of the Olympic movement; to build a sense of shared purpose and identity within a highly political environment; to make the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games immediately recognisable in any visual context; and to create excellent value for sponsors at every level of Sydney 2000 Olympic Games brand association.

As overall branding consultants for the Games, our involvement started with the design of the bid document and moved to design of brandmarks for the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games and Torch Relay, creation of the ‘look and feel’ of both Games, including visual identity and sponsorship guidelines.

We worked closely with the client, architects, industrial designers and advertising agencies to ensure that every aspect of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games experience was consistently branded. Our design visually interprets ‘fluid energy’ as the brand essence of Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, to evoke: the exhilaration of athletic achievement, the spirit of Sydney’s harbour and beaches, the youthful energy of Australia, a celebration of the human spirit, a global festival.

This work gave us the skills and experience to take on the branding for London 2012 Olympic Games and we hope to be a part of many more in the future.