FutureBrand Podcast: What does the future hold for the beauty industry?

16 October, 2019 Share socially

The beauty industry is one of the most exciting, complex and fast moving sectors in the world today. It faces multiple challenges from a societal shift towards sustainability to a proliferation of independent brands which are shaking up long-held industry conventions, but there are vast opportunities for brands willing to embrace this change.

Hosted by Russell Goldsmith, FutureBrand's Executive Creative Director for London, MT Cassidy was joined by a global panel of beauty industry insiders to discuss the key trends shaping the future of the sector:

- Jasmina Aganovic, Founder and President of US based company Mother Dirt which was launched in 2015 with phenomenal success and recently branched out into the UK market. Mother Dirt is a brand leader in developing biome-friendly products and is on a mission to dispel the notion that bacteria is bad and that sterile is always good.

- Lisa Gallo, Vice President Global Product and Process Development at Avon which has been a household name and global beauty leader for over 130 years standing for innovation, honesty, inclusion and beauty.

- Khandiz Joni, a UK based conscious beauty expert and judge of the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards.

In the podcast we discussed the following:

  1. Trust and transparency from the perspectives of both large and small companies
  2. Personalisation (interactive, tailored beauty experiences) versus heightened personalisation (harnessing the power of science and technology)
  3. The role beauty routines and products play in improving mental health
  4. What the beauty sector has learned from the other industries
  5. Why accurate terminology matters more than ever before
  6. What the future holds for beauty brands and consumers

Listen to the full podcast here: